Benefits of Incorporating your business

The largest advantage of incorporating a business is limited liability. This means that the liability of the shareholders is usually limited to the amount that they have invested in their shares in the corporation. However, many incorporated small businesses are not able to get bank loans without the personal guarantee of the shareholders, so this […]

Tax Strategies

You’ve got two months left for tax tricks. The objective is to either lower your taxable income or push it into lower brackets. One item on my list has to do with lowering estate taxes. There are two ways to reduce your taxable income: increase your itemized deductions or reduce your adjusted gross income. A […]

Tax Deadline April 30th and June 15th

The tax deadline of April 30th is fast approaching. If you’ve waited to the last minute to prepare your income tax return you are likely worried about late filing penalties and interest charges. The penalties and interest charges are calculated on the amount owing as on the filing deadline. If you have an estimate of […]

RRSP Contributions and Severance pay

If you were laid off from work in 2013 and received a huge severance pay, make sure you do your tax planning before the end of February. If you have substantial RRSP contribution room you may want to max out your contributions. If you would like professional tax planning this year please book an appointment […]